Request Information

If you have worked on a production with EP Canada as your payroll service provider, you may request a special report or a document copy in order to complete a personal form or application.  (Union membership, financial institution application)

Some of the typical reports and document copies requested are:

  • Earnings report - summary
  • Earnings report - detail
  • Cheque copies
  • Government tax slips (T4, T4A)
  • Quebec RelevĂ© 1

In order to obtain this information there are a few steps that are required:

  1. Contact EP Canada
    • Residents of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia, please call our Vancouver office 604.987.2292.
    • Residents of Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, please call our Toronto office 416.923.9255.
  2. Request Information
    • When speaking with one of our Staff, you will be asked a few questions to confirm and protect your identification.
    • Once verified, inform our Staff of the type of report or the document copy you require.
    • Provide any information that would be useful to process the request such as the purpose to which you are making the request (Union membership, financial institution application).
  3. Information Authorization Form
    • You may be asked to complete an Information Authorization Form.  If this form is required, it must be completed and signed prior to EP Canada proceeding with your request.
    • Download the form from our website and complete it as necessary.
    • There may be charges associated with the information requested.  These costs will be discussed with you upon your initial request.
    • If payment is required for the information requested, the payment must be received prior to EP Canada proceeding with your request.
    • Methods of payment:
      • American Express
      • Visa
      • MasterCard
      • Money Order
      • Cash
  4. Method of Delivery
    • To receive your information requested, you must specify the method of delivery that you prefer. These options include:
      • Fax  (must provide the ‘Return Fax Number’ on the “Information Authorization Form”)
      • Mail  (your current address on our records will be used unless otherwise specified)
      • Pick up at EP Canada Office (your requested information will be held at our reception area and will be released to you upon verification of photo identification)