With Entertainment Partners Canada you choose the payroll processing solution that best suits your needs: EP On Location or EP Plus. EP On Location is an on-site payroll software solution that gives you accurate calculations, flexibility and control to determine your payroll costs. 

Using EPOL to calculate your daily hot cost, you can build your weekly timesheets on a daily basis. EPOL downloads to our offices to provide faster payroll turnaround while delivering the high quality of service and reporting you expect. EPOL is a software solution unmatched anywhere in the world.

Alternatively, with EP Plus™, our premium service solution, we independently calculate your payroll from hours to gross to net cheque. You provide start slips and timesheets and we do all the rest.

When you use our payroll services and state-of-the-art products, our experts are here to provide training, service and support, Canada wide. We provide all required administration, remittances and reporting to unions and governments.

We are confident that our payroll service offers you the best value available in Canada. Call us and we can help you decide which service level is best for you.