Go Green

At EP Canada, going green is a business priority. We continually strive to improve our environmental performance and better understand our ecological footprint. We work diligently to take environmental considerations into account in the decisions we make. We are taking every step we can to implement innovative and responsible environmental practices across our company to reduce our global footprint. We work with our clients and suppliers to find greener business solutions, and help our employees be green. We are proud to be a founding partner and supporter of Green Screen Toronto.

To find more like minded companies with similar green goals check out BC Film Commission.

"Reel Green serves as a gateway to information and resources that promote positive environmental practices in BC's film and television production industry"

The following section lists examples of both completed and ongoing green initiatives at EP Canada.

  • We have reduced paper consumption by approximately 540,000 sheets per year by
    • utilizing Service Canada's electronic ROE filing service
    • using double-sided printing wherever possible
    • simplifying documentation requirements for new production starts
    • collaborating with our union partners to move remittances to an in-house electronic system
  • We use
    • recycled toner cartridges
    • couriers with hybrid vehicles in their fleet
    • environmentally friendly cleaning products
    • environmentally friendly catering services for business functions
    • video conferencing equipment to reduce travel between our Vancouver and Toronto offices
  • We recycle
    • all consumption-materials within city parameters
    • all old computer, and other electronic devices, by using a green service that disassembles and recycles components as scrap
  • We also
    • purchase office supplies in bulk to reduce packaging
    • use scratch pads made from used non-confidential office paper
    • use FSC certified check stock (Forest Stewardship Council)
    • have two members of our IT team who are CompTIA Strata Green Certified with others to follow
  • Steps we are working on
    • becoming carbon footprint neutral
    • acting on existing commitments with unions to reduce paper usage by 25,000 sheets per year
    • obtaining further commitments from unions to significantly reduce paper consumption.
    • examining "paperless cheque" solutions
    • investigating electronic document storage solutions
    • delivering start packs electronically for new productions
    • testing potential printing capabilities using the blank side of old non-confidential documents
    • establishing a "Power Off Protocol" for office lights, electronics, and computers
    • eliminating the use of plastic water bottles